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Choosing to keep tranquility in your life is one of the surest ways for senior citizens to enable better health. What that also means is to excuse those influences that stir up one’s emotional and spiritual state.  Finding ways to keep yourself calm is a discipline that produces rewards and enables a calmer state of mind for senior citizens.  Let’s try some ideas that help make that happen:

First thing in the morning:  Dismiss any thoughts that may contribute to anxiety.  Give yourself a chance to breathe deeply, to think only serene thoughts.

Second act of the day:  Give yourself over to meditation by sitting in a comfortable place, having your first cup of coffee or tea, looking out upon a serene landscape.

During the morning:  Continue to identify opportunities that emphasize total and complete opportunities for relaxation.

Dismiss the urge to be distracted by interruptions and thoughts that produce stress or anxiety.

Avoid What You Cannot Control

Engage in influences that keep you focused on the positive.  Do not become preoccupied by worry about things you can’t control.

As your day progresses, remind yourself to keep thinking only thoughts that enable you to feel good about yourself.

If you do not wish to deal with uninvited interruptions during the course of the day, turn off the phone, do not go online, keep those distractions off and at a distance that could upset you.

It’s okay, at least for part of a day to invest only in yourself.  Keeping your life tranquil will involve being aware of those things that help contribute to that tranquility.

When you feel that you have created an environment that offers a spirit of solemnity and peaceful tranquility, then go about your day equipped and dedicated to keeping it so.


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