Seniors: Keeping in Touch with Friends

Jan 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Now that the holidays are past, what are you going to do about those wonderful greeting cards and letters from friends?  Before the month has flown, we suggest you take the time for a more extended contact with those who remembered you this year. 

One of the easiest things to do is to take for granted long time friends, with whom there is only seldom and too brief contact. Letting each other know more about yourself over the past year or so is a good way to reestablish friendships that at one time were so close and meaningful.  It takes little time and only ordinary consideration to draft a note that keeps you in closer touch.  The dividends will be fruitful for you both.

If your friends have provided you with email addresses, all the better.  Now you will likely be in a position to stay in touch even more regularly. 

Friends are not a commodity. They are a treasure to be polished and kept well.  They are to be taken down from shelves and dusted off so you can be reminded that they need to hear from you. Friends are precious and not to be treated lightly.  Among the most valuable of experiences in your life is the collection of friends whose personal contributions over the years continue to produce valued memories, special joys and rewarding moments.

Keeping up with your friends is the best resolution you can make and keep this year.

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