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Manage Your Life

Depending on the type and variety and amount of demands on your life, one of the essential disciplines for all senior citizens is to try your best to keep fatigue at bay. Fatigue is an insidious enemy which slips into your daily routine dragging you down while sapping your energy.

For those post 70, it is all the more a challenge to keep fatigue from occupying your day to the point of accomplishing little.  If depression is added to fatigue, the combination can be quite draining and debilitating.

Tips for Seniors

So, what are the options?  The first one is to find ways to create harmony in your life as you arise and go about your day. Harmony is having a positive and pleasant disposition about yourself and what lies ahead.  Heading off the negatives and down sides of one’s disposition requires keeping your heart happy, your head clear, your body energized, your spirit motivated by good thoughts and positive motives.

It is difficult for fatigue to seize the day when your other motivators are at work keeping the negative influences from invading you. Of course, if you are attacked by physical ailments, psychological depression, personal issues that affect your attitude, then the job gets harder.  It is no small task to take on the various emotional interferences that would work their will and wiles on you as you fight back pain that may attack and aggravate you.

Having a positive frame of mind, being influenced by an attitude that holds back the insidious influences that would attempt to defeat you means preparing yourself to hold back those influences and beat down those negatives that would work their way into your day.

How does one do that?  Think positively, read and meditate on only those things that leave you with a head start to head off any ideas or influences that would create a downer day for you.  Be pleasing in your approach on and with others.  Invite only those persons into your presence who offer only a presence that gives forth goodness and kindness, gentleness and a determination to “seize the day.”

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