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A Celebration of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2012.  No matter where you are on the scale of years spent with a partner, today offers the occasion for affirmation of that relationship and all it has nurtured over the time of your being together.

Nurturing a relationship is essential to its vitality and posterity.  Never slipping into the doldrums of indifference, but discovering and rediscovering ways to affirm one another is the priority agenda of a healthy and fully romantic companionship.  This does not mean that “shmaltz” becomes the order of the day, but sincere, deeply felt emotional reinforcement does.  Roses, a box of chocolates, a corsage, maybe a sparkly pendant or ring all are nice, but what’s nicer are the feelings that stir and come from the depths of one’s long time intimacy.

Routine and day to day being alongside each other often shadow our inner most thoughts and genuine commitment.  There come those days, when it is appropriate to just let go, to stop in the middle of it all and let the other know:  “hey, you know what?  I really do love you!”  Keeping the sensation of a “forever” kind of commitment alive and stimulating is part of what we sign on for when we choose to act out our lives together. Anything less than that means that the roots of the commitment need nurturing, the flowering of the stems and their buds need tending, the careful and gentle ways of keeping the fruit healthy and fulfilling are all necessary.

A Time for Us

Make no mistake about it.  Valentine’s comes at a particularly meaningful time on the calendar.  Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed and our family ties have been strengthened.  The New Year has come and gone and we are already into our agendas that all of that demands.  Now, it is time to focus on that significant other, with whom we live and share our being.  Now is the time to regenerate commitment and love and loyalty and all the things that were agreed to when coming together. Now is the time to renew and enrich and enlarge what compassion has come to mean and how it has matured and why it is so deliciously important to us.

More than just “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  Happy, exciting, fulfilling days of life straight ahead and always!

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