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One-Man Show: Keep a Goin’!

Experienced a marvelous first class occasion the other night.  A friend, whom I have known for at least 65 years, put on a one man show called “Keep A Goin’.”  It was an appropriate nudge, particularly to seniors, most of the crowd, to do just that, “keep a goin'”.

He has honed his skills over these many years, since high school, when he declared that he was going to be an actor.  He has and quite successfully.  His persona is uniquely one that brings an audience in and keeps them focused on what he says and does, as he blends harmonica, stage presence, and a string of well known authors, poets and writers who make up the erudite presentation of his point.

He kept the audience laughing and remembering as together we joined in the journey to “keep a goin’. It was fun, elastic, stretching our imaginations, as he quoted such as T.S. Eliot, Carl Sandburg, Emily Dickinson, and Vachel Lindsay.  His harmonica took us on a long ago train ride, with the far off whistle of a steam locomotive and the clickety-clack of the wheels against the rails, as he simply beat upon the leather chair to get the desired effect.  What a trip.

Michael Holmes… Actor, Director, Teacher, Mentor

Michael Holmes, like me, is now in his 70’s,  but ever longing for the stage.  It has been and remains his life.  He has acted and directed and taught and inspired others over the years.  He came back to his home town for this one man show, and, fittingly, helped to raise money for the poor fund of a local church.  Between acts, we had the chance for some brief reminiscing.  Magic recreated the joy of our having been such good friends for so long.  The audience found him to be their friend, as he was able to weave humor and insight with his own creative use of such a wide variety of sources.

It was both a reunion and an invigorating and inspirational moment when flashes of yesterday coupled with the genius of the now, and all it took between to make it happen, merged into a menagerie of ecstatic satisfaction.

Thank you, Michael, dear and beloved friend.

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