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Seniors Care About Pets

Three wonderful pets remind us every day, just how much of their lives center on us. Their care and keeping, their safety, their diet, their daily routine rests with us to meet and provide.  It is nice to be needed.  That is one of the essentials provided by a pet.  They let you know that their world is about you and them.  They help you understand the need for affection and the rewards that are associated with it. They start the day with you in mind.  They quit the night when snuggled in, perhaps in bed with you, and they know all is well.

It is not too much to keep them well assured that they too are a central part of your universe.  It is not too much to stop for a moment to pet them and let them know love is returned.  It is not too much to give them your lap, your hand upon their head, your smile, your affirmation.

Left to their own devices, they would be out in the cold, damp of another winter’s day.  They don’t belong there.  They deserve the special treatment that their loyalty and friendship helps create.

Seniors Learn From Their Pets

Taking them for granted is never a good idea.  They will find ways to nudge you, perhaps literally, to pay attention for a while.  They know what good feelings come from association. They know what it means for you to let them know they are uniquely important.  They know.

If you are one of those who has no pet, perhaps your own state of being could benefit from having one.  If you are one who thinks they are too much trouble, then don’t complain when you feel lonely. If you are one of those that never had one to give you what they alone can give, perhaps you will want to introduce yourself to a new joy and an incredible satisfaction.

It’s about you.  It’s about gathering up those feelings that need to be reinforced and multiplied.  Not having anyone around to share affection with, or just needing someone else to share your abundant grace can be found when identifying some little guy that will be obedient and kind and gentle with you every day. It’s about you and feeling better and coming to recognize that one of the great musts of living is loving.

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