Seniors: Is This What We Worked For?

Apr 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This tempest in a tea pot raging and boiling around the country today has become a frightening indication of how anger, unexamined, can get out of hand. Pundits declare that the electorate out there is angry. The poster boards and invectives and obscenities seem to be justified in the face of an angry people, stirred not by reason, but only by sheer, unadulterated, unreasoned anger. It is a “sound and fury.” It seems to be goaded by those with self interests to promote. It is stirred by groups and leaders whose love of country is a sham and their expressions of patriotism a shame.

Americans I have known and loved have long loved their country and worked hard to create a sense of place that instills pride and enables genuine and solid loyalty. At the time of the last election that seemed achievable. Somewhere since, the minions of the hate and decry troops have set the pot a boiling. Offering nothing of positive consequence they exploit fear and foist suspicion on everything that they don’t understand nor care to.

Is this what we worked for? Is this the country we said we believed in? Is this the outcome of generations of freedom now dashed against the shores of unkind, unyielding and uncompromising vitriol? This is not the America that solves its issues by screaming and taunting. This is not the America that reasons its way through to compromise and reason. This is not the America “of thee we sing.”

The America that has been the shining symbol of freedom and discourse to the world has sunk to the rowdy and ugly street urchins who, if they can’t get their way, will shout down and threaten all in their way. Is this what we worked for? Is this what we had hoped America could and would be? Have we come to imitate the very behaviors we have long decried and stood against. Rights, sure these are rights to protest and disagree. But rights can also lead to terrible wrongs when they impede and impair the rights of others. Is this what we stand for?

Somehow, somewhere out in the distant future such things as statespersons will raise their voices of conscience. Somewhere out there, there will come a shift, a sense of priority and decency and hope. Somewhere out there, those with their complaints will be heard and met not on the field of disagreeable battle, but in the halls of reason and compromise. That is the promise of America. That is what we have worked for and believe in. That is why we are America.

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