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Memories Worth Sharing

Recalling fond memories of experiences with loved ones helps keep them close when we are separated by distance, or by death.  My dad died five weeks ago.  We are now separated by death.  But the memories of good times together help keep him close to me.

I haven’t seen my amazing granddaughter for several weeks… rather unusual for us, since we like to hang out together whenever possible.  We text a lot, and comment on each others FaceBook page often.  And the memories of incredibly sweet times with her help keep her close to me.

I had experiences with each of these loved ones that bear sharing with the world.  In the last few days of Dad’s life, a hospice attendant asked him, “What did you do before you retired?” She was filling out a form and needed the information about his previous employment.  We all expected him to say he was a banker.  He didn’t.  Dad said, “I did the best I could.”  Dad chose to reference his life efforts and the quality of living he experienced… the best. We were all pretty amazed he came up with that through the horrific clouds of his dementia.

Several years ago, my granddaughter was with me while visiting some friends.  They hadn’t met previously, so a lot of questions were going back and forth trying to get acquainted.  One of my friends asked her, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Without missing a beat, Ani replied, “Happy!”  Ani chose to reference the quality of living she wanted to have rather than a profession she would choose.

A Window into the Soul

Separated by three generations, each of these precious beings were totally tuned in to the spiritual part of their lives rather than the common/tangible day-to-day ordinary when they responded to these questions. They could easily have replied with the response that most people would expect.

Instead, they opened a window into their soul.  They gently replied with a comment that said, Here… let me give you a small picture of who I really am.  What I did or am going to do is not as important as who I am as a human being.

Separated by three generations, and connected by genetics and life experiences that they commonly share.  What wonderful lifelong memories they have given me!

Contributed by Dr Sharon Shaw Elrod

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