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Seniors Remain Calm

In spite of everything, the economy, the long and drawn out wars, the upheaval in the stock market, the numbers of unemployed, the empty shelves at food banks, the inability of politicians to be creatively engaged in problem solving, the rancor and malice so widely shared and expressed, the numbers of younger people facing the dismal prospects of job hunting, the fears of seniors as our survival is threatened, international turmoil and unrest (can the list get any longer), seniors are still attempting to maintain a semblance of reason, hope and calm.

Hard to do?  No question.  But the alternative, that is to join in the fray, is certainly not desirable or helpful. Even with unsettling weather patterns and the soon to be unfortunate attention being paid on the upcoming election, it will be ours to choose to head off despair.  Settling in to a state of mind that sees everything negatively, no matter the temptation,  is a choice, albeit a bad one.

Tips for Maintaining Serenity

In spite of it all, the next 24 hours will give us the chance to do some practicing.  How do we keep from giving up and giving in?

+Whatever happens on the political scene, decide that this too will pass away.

+However bad the economic picture gets, we will get through it.

+Whatever transpires with the weather, there is nothing we can do about it.

+However stupid and insensitive politicians choose to be, we do not have to support them.

+There are people who are worse off than we are.  And, we can still help them.

+ If we are fortunate enough to have good health, all the other stuff pales in importance.

+Next year’s election will neither solve nor dissolve all the problems we currently face.

+Finding ways to be personally engaged and productive is something we can choose to do.

+Identifying what is really important in our own condition in life and with family is a healthy choice.

+Omitting the influence of those who propound the negative will vastly improve our own state of mind.

There are a whole variety of other options available to us seniors.  Make your own list and in its making decide how you will activate it.  In spite of it all, you can be a stable, sane and serene human being.

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