Seniors: In Search of a Spiritual Experience

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Seniors’ Spiritual Concerns

Some of us, at or beyond retirement, engage in the search for a spiritual experience.  Most of our desires and wants and needs have been met.  Most of what we worked hard to achieve are all displayed by our accumulations, our place, our experience.  We did it and it is done.  But many continue to search for a spiritual experience, either not yet found or never seriously given the time to sort out.

Some seem to have found what works for them.   They typically, routinely make their way to some facility, identified as a religious institution, where the search is customized to the desires of those who gather there on a frequent basis.  Accepting the rituals of such a place means that some bargain has been made that seems to satisfy a spiritual experience.

Such institutions are characterized by doctrine, structure, history that is peculiar to the tradition of that organization.  Some are more demanding than others.  Some are more formal, more strict, more zealous.  Others are more relaxed, less demanding, less rigid.

The Search is a Journey

Much like purchasing a new pair of shoes, one tries them on for fit, size, comfort, support, perhaps appeal.  Usually wearing the shoes for a while will denote whether it was a wise and appropriate choice.  If so, the days ahead will prove that the fit works.

Others find that a brief wearing of the shoes does not produce the desired result.  The search must continue.

It may seem elementary to compare a spiritual search for that of a pair of shoes.  Stretching the analogy, however, one needs to be comfortable with one’s spiritual fit, just as with a pair of shoes.

The search is likely not to end with finding an experience that addresses all one’s needs. When one discovers that the spiritual search is a perpetual one, never ending, always pushing us outward, upward, inward then we will likely have come to the recognition that a spiritual experience is never a once and for all momentWe recognize it as a journey, not a destination.  One pair of shoes does not last a lifetime.

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