Seniors: How to Keep Your Good Side Good

Feb 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Aging presents opportunity and temptation in equal amounts.  Choosing opportunity for good is likely the better course to take than temptation, which may be fraught with precarious and unknown dangers. 

Opportunity presents both positive and negative options. Here, let us  talk about the positive.  Keeping your Good Side Good. Let’s explore some practices which render themselves healthy to your state of mind, attitude, behavior and your all around good side.

First, how do you begin your day?  Evaluating your first thing in the morning attitude and those behaviors which complement it is a good place to start.  Choosing behaviors that will set you on a course toward a good day will likely pave the way for how well you succeed in planting the seeds for a day that will be good, productive and contagious to others.

Second, spend time in silence.  Do not allow white noise to take over your chance for solemn serenity as you start out your day.  Giving yourself over to interruptions and invasions of your  soul and spirit may make it harder to regain your sense of serenity when you need it later in the day.

Third, if you reside with another person, share, if possible and agreeable, a few moments celebrating your relationsip.  Never take it for granted.  It is one of treasures of life, and offers occasion for shared joy.

Fourth, whatever you are about today, take it with calm assurance.  Prepare yourself for whatever you may encounter.  Meet whomever, whatever comes your way with a self assured attitude.  Reach  out to others in exuberant greeting, not overly so, but neither underdone.

Fifth, when you have launched into whatever your course is for the day, do so with steadiness, resolve, and commitment to see it through.

Sixth, Invest yourself in the day so that, at its end, you will have the confidence that it was well spent, respectfully completed and a tribute to your commitment.

Keeping your good side good involves much more than this abbreviated list.  It also requires the exercise of patience and tolerance and good judgment.  These will need to be weaved into your entire day’s experience.  With that and with your own sense of appropriate self esteem, your good side will always have the upper hand.

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