Seniors: How Serious Are You?

Jan 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you pay any attention to your attitudes, disposition, and frame of mind, you may have discovered that you could be one of those who takes life very seriously.  Be quick to note that this is not a judgment, rather a possibility that may deserve some review.  

Serious mindsets tend to, duh, take life much too seriously.  They tend to expect downturns in life when none is there.  They begin days with a dark attitude.  What is ordinarily needed in these cases is  some upbeat, maybe lowbrow humor.  The counsel of the wise is to laugh more and be depressed less.

Looking at the world through the prism of dark sun shades, dispelling the entry of light and the happiness it encourages, is just not worthy of a person who can choose to be the life of the party, the motivation for other people’s good times, the center of humor and the inspirer of just plain fun. 

Taking everything with seriousness probably means you are putting too much salt in your food.  Serious perspectives, while useful on occasion, are not worth a grain of salt at others.

Norman Cousins, once struck with a serious disease, found that the best strategy to deal with it was by setting up  video equipment in his hospital room and playing comic videos for his sheer entertainment and satisfaction.  The desired result was achieved.  He laughed himself back to health. 

Laughing yourself out of depression, taking a too serious perspective on life are two opposites which, when examined, will be found to be to lift you up or dash you down. 

We know scores of friends who, when faced with the choice of one over the other, usually choose to be up, happy, positive, pleasant. While there may be reason for choosing the opposite, they don’t.  The result:  they are always satisfying to be around, and it is desirable to seek our their company, to look forward to what they will bring to the next occasion when we are together.

Can they ever be serious?  You bet, when they have to.  But evaluating the world’s problems and issues with a daily eye that your contribution will be what solves them is taking on an unrealistic load.

Be wise in your choices to adopt seriousness, but be quick to see how often humor can be adapted to get through those serious times.

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