Seniors: How Much Stress Can You Take?

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There is only one way to avoid and manage stress. Decide you are in charge. All of the external factors that are constantly available will repeat themselves over and over, until you decide you are in charge. The phone rings early in the morning. It is a call of distress. Our son is in the throes of conflict with his roommate. Issues involving emotions, money, and daily getting along are pressing down hard. He is the only one who can handle them. I can be an ear, sympathetic, reinforcing to his good judgment, but that is about all. As for money, providing rescue is not a good idea. It is his dilemma. He needs to take it on and slay the dragon.

Another family dynamic has emerged. It involves a 95 year old resisting the issue of evaluating his continuing to drive. He is, in many ways, still able to manage, but he is struck with dementia that is increasingly serious. His daughters are attempting to press the issue of his use of the car responsibly. It is, at the moment, at a stand off.

How much stress can you take? The oppressions of all the daily news press down upon us. Best advice: limit how much of the horrible, terrible conditions of the world you will take in. Telephone solicitation calls come urging your supporting this or that cause. Decide where you are and stand there firmly. Don’t be in a position in which you have to argue with yourself with every call, request, solicitation.

How much stress can you take? Economics are weighing you down as well. Make wise, prudent, permanent, if possible, choices and goals. Stick with them. No impulse purchases. Take care of your needs and, as you can, those of others in your circle. Do not extend your charity beyond what is reasonable and fair to you.

How much stress can you take? You are beset by some physical maladies. They don’t appear to be serious, but worrying about them may make them so. Get that worry off your plate.

You flew off the handle the other day. It was a “how much stress can you take” moment. Have you apologized? Have you set that experience aside and begun to evaluate what sparked it? If not do so, otherwise it will fester into something more aggravating and assaulting.

How much stress can you take? Being in groups of people seems to be uncomfortable for you. Take a break. Avoid too much interaction until you have found a way to take deep breaths, given yourself a chance to feel comfortable with yourself and others. Refuse engagements if they offer the occasion for conflict and unhealthy interaction. Particularly in this election season, stay out of the way of an uninvited conflict.

Read. Select subjects which stimulate you and provoke healthy learning, thought and escape. Stress can be held back by introducing other things to think about. Do only those projects which divert and create healthy mental, emotional and physical exercise. Get yourself in a good place. If you are veering into a detour that will only provoke more stress, check your internal GPS and change your route.

If you are one who finds solace in meditation and worship, identify a church and a pastor which and who deals with the real issues of life and living. Avoid those that incur guilt and remorse. Give yourself the chance to be wide open in considering those matters which enable your conscience to be clear, your integrity to be challenged, your stress to be eliminated.

How much stress can you take? It is, as you see, really up to you. Start to¬†unload all you can today. Tomorrow when the load is lighter, remove a little more. Eventually you will discover that it is not necessary to carry all that garbage around. And, by the way, don’t recycle stress. Get rid of it once and for all.

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