Seniors: How Many of These Issues Affect You?

May 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Check off the following list of issues now current on the world scene.  How many have an affect on you and your life or that of someone you know?

*A life threatening illness, most likely cancer, in your family?

*Destruction and loss of your home and most of your belongings following a natural disaster?

*The loss of a loved one serving in any branch of the military somewhere in the world?

*Unemployment impacting your family, where you live, how you are able to get along day to day?

*Homeless with family, including children who can’t attend school?

*Living on a diet that is lacking in essential nourishment?

*Delaying having a visit to the doctor for fear of  serious, costly treatment?

*Lack of transportation because of having no vehicle or public transportation?

*Unable to purchase clothes, even at a charity, which are suitable to wear at work?

*Utitlities suspended for lack of paying overdue bills?

*Adult children living at home for lack of available employment?

*Experiencing depression because of circumstances affecting your life?

If you have checked any of these, more than one, you are one of those currently facing some of the dynamics which are growing and widespread in many communties in our country.  Some are literally living in third world environments.  Others are huddled beneath overpasses and find shelter in abandoned buildings for warmth and nightly protection.  If you are in any of these conditions, you are likely not sitting before a computer screen, unless you have gained access to a library and know how to use one. 

Any of these are real life issues currently abroad in our land.  They are real life and death situations lending hopelessness to literally thousands every day.  What can I do?  What can we collectively do to be present to such overwhelming need?

Urge your church, club, a group of friends, local non profit organizations to exercise its will and invest its resources right now in identifying life and blood human beings who are experiencing any of these conditions.  Offer your own skills, abilities and sensitivity to participate in hands on practical assistance. 

Reach for the telephone, find out where you can be tomorrow morning to do whatever is needed and whatever you are equipped to do.  Recruit others.  Talk to your pastor, ask him/her to launch a crusade in your church to Reach Out, Reach Up, Reach In, Reach Down to help everyone within your circle of influence and neighborhood. 

Refuse excuses.  Ignore put downs.  Disallow any naysayers.  This is where community and connection begin.  This is where recovery is essential in a declining economy. This is how a revolution of caring takes place.

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