Seniors: How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

Sep 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Okay, don’t laugh, it may sound like a silly question, but after you quip about it for a bit, decide to evaluate and explore for your answer. 

Routines have a way of chewing up our time. Here, we are discussing free time, that time that isn’t a planned part of your day, that part that leaves you with a few hours for doing whatever you wish on your own.  Excuse certain obvious consumers of time, the television, for example.  Free time is not an excuse to waste time.  It is an invitation to be creative or just to do what you want to do without interference, guidance or provocation on the part of others.

Many senior citizens find living in structured retirement communities very helpful.   They do not wish to be met with idleness or the need to examine the question posed here.  Structured means what it says.  Seniors in organized retirement communities find themselves often over-scheduled.  They are uneasy if they have nothing on the calendar for a given day or hour.  If you are dependent upon such a structured approach to day to day living, then perhaps examining one of these communities would be in your favor.

Others live in environments where some attention to one’s domicile and yard are necessary.  Others move into condos,where upkeep is the  charge of the association.  When living in your own home, some free time is consumed by upkeep and care issues.  If you don’t wish to carry that load, then the choice of where you live is extremely important.

If you are into Travel, that means allowing for “saving up your free time.”  There are certain things that need to be addressed before departing your home.  Be sure all the matters of care and concern related to your home have been addressed.  The fewer issues you have to face upon return, the more stress free will be your trip.

Perhaps an occasional date with your partner is another way to consider good use of free time.  Give yourselves the opportunity to invest as much in each other in pleasant activities as you do to address chores and regular routines.

By all means, do not look upon free time as time to just be filled.  It can be a half hour in the hammock, reading a good book.  It may be talking over the fence with a neighbor.  It might be discovering a new trail to take for a weekly walk or bicycle ride.  Free time is just that, time for you to do, with or without someone else, whatever you choose.  Do it and enjoy the pleasure of the reward.

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