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Who Are Our Heroes?

Often we have lived with them so long that we are amazed that they are no longer around. They are more than household words.  They have become a part of the fabric of what makes up our world.  They come and go with such regularity in our daily routines, that we just expect them to be there.

One such case happened just this past weekend.  Mike Wallace.  That is all one has to say.  The name conjures up provocative recollections.  The image captures one’s attention.  He had become stamped indelibly in our memories, our habits, our catalogs of  most liked and respected people.  His unique personality had earned his place.  His characterizations had grabbed our attention for so long that we couldn’t imagine a Sunday evening without him.

And then he began to fade.  The show must go on.  And so it did, but sadly, over the past few years, without Mike.  That’s how well we knew him.  We could call him “Mike.”

Oh there have been others: Walter, as in Cronkite;  Harry as in Reasoner; Bill, as in Paley, the founder of CBS;  But none with quite the charisma and magnetism of Mike.

Such persons claim their space and occupy it well.  They deserve accolades and honors and recognitions.  They became our friends, our personal acquaintances, our heroes.  We trusted them for news.  We admired their integrity.  They were as much a part of our lives as day becomes night.  It always leaves us longing for more.  But now, they are gone, to be replaced by others, but never to be forgotten.

Heroes are sometimes hard to find.  Sometimes it takes a very long time for them to earn their way into our hearts and gain our respect.  When they do and have, it is very hard to let them go.

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