Seniors: Healthy Living Means Avoiding Conflict

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Most seniors who are trying to work out the most effective formula for living have discovered that reducing conflict in our lives is a great contributor to tranquility and good health.

What this means is that those stimulants to conflict are identified and expunged. Conflict is simply a health reducing experience which creates stress, tension and upsetting experiences for the senior. Avoiding conflict is a required discipline for persons who may have hypertension, headaches, intestinal difficulties, sexual dysfunction and so on.

In other words, almost anything that contributes to the tension of conflict will work negatively on your system. There is no good to come from it.  There is a reason dis-ease creates disease.

How do you begin identifying and eliminating tension in your encounters with others?

*Identify persons whose behaviors seem to set you off. If these are persons who are close to you, this becomes more of a challenge. However, find some means for talking it through with the other or identify a third party who will serve as arbiter and referee.

*Do not assume that one conversation will entirely erase all conflict. Find ways to continue the conversation, detouring conflict into productive means for problem solving and reducing conflict inducing experiences.

*Keep a calm voice and demeanor about you, when conflict is present. Do not feed the flames with accusatory comments, e.g. “you always do so and so.” Turn the conflict into a means for discovering positives about how you interrelate with another.

*Check your own internal thermometer. When you feel your aggravation rising, find ways to divert it and check it. Change the subject, leave the room, find something else to do.

*If methods that you try don’t seem to work, then it may be time to identify mutally and agree to see a counselor. Do so, if you value the relationship at all.

*If the relationship has limited pay offs, consider discontinuing it altogether. If there are no percentages in continuing the relationship, let the other person know, as calmly as possible, that you simply must remove yourself from further contact. It will be in your best self interest as well as the other.

*Of course, if the relationship is based upon kinship or marriage, the issues become more complex. You will ultimately need to decide how and what conclusion will be put on something that could imply major life disruption and its consequences.

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