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Every so often, it is important that we review our life-plan check list.  Having one is essential.  Days go by and things don’t get done.  With a check list you are enabled to get at the things that really do need to be addressed.

Reasons to Have a Checklist

Here are reasons for having a check list:

  • First, acquaint yourself with the decisions that need to be made in regard to the management of your life, estate, all legal issues, personal considerations, and death.
  • Second, leave nothing out.  Do not assume someone else will take care of your check list.
  • Third, review your list periodically.  Depending on your state of health and that of others, be sure you have updated and kept current everything on and involved in your list.
  • Fourth, if you need help, as will be likely, seek out the assistance of others who can contribute to your completing a thorough and  well thought through list.
  • Fifth, have your list reviewed by a third party, an attorney, a trusted confidant, a person with enough objectivity to point out omissions or inclusions that should be considered.
  • Sixth,  put your list in a safe place and have extra copies available to those who may need to have access to it.
  • Seventh, schedule a time on your calendar (every other year, every 5 years, whatever you feel is prudent) to review the contents and intent of your list.  Plan to do this with someone with whom you are comfortable.
  • Eighth, make yourself comfortable with the idea of making necessary changes prompted by circumstances and influences since the list was reviewed last.
  • Ninth, correct the list and return it to its safe keeping place, along with necessary copies to designated others.
  • Tenth, keep the contents appropriately confidential, not involving persons who may have issues with your choices and decisions.  If that prospect is a possibility, be sure an attorney or other referee is apprised of his/her role when the time comes.

Your list is yours.  Make it.  Keep it current. Don’t procrastinate.  All seniors need a life-plan checklist, including you.

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