Seniors: Growth Through Caring

Mar 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Someone asked recently, how did you get started with Senior Citizen Journal?  Since that has been a while back, we had to review our motivations.  My spouse and daughter were the primary inspiration.  Our daughter decided that I needed more activity and interests in retirement.  She knew I enjoyed writing, so she suggested that we (my wife and me) should give something like this a try.  Appealing to my ego, she threw in the idea of a photo and off we went. 

That has been  months ago.  The results have been happiliy rewarding, invigorating and considerably satisfying.  As I write this column, our little black daschund is nudging my left arm to pay attention and play with him.  I guess the real push was that coming up with and doing a project like this was to grow through caring. Whatever life has taught me has found an outlet here.  It may help some.  It may provide some encouragement to others.  It has surely boosted my endorphins.  My wife, Sharon, and I enjoy the camaraderie we share when we sit at our computers across from each other and engage in creating something that turns on lights for us and others.

The more an older person finds ways of caring and communicating that caring with others, the more enjoyable, fulfilling and enlightenting life can be. Your skill may not be in writing for publication, but it is never so rewarding to see a friend, adult or child, who receives a letter from a favored relative or friend.

Growth through caring is a daily opportunity.  Finding ways to express that caring can come easily, if one only uses energy and imagination.  Delivering Meals on Wheels, reading for persons with sight deficiencies, volunteering to transport persons who can’t drive themselves to run errands and meet appointments, a random act of kindness… the list can grow as your imagination is allowed.

The real satisfaction in all of this is what happens to your own spirit and attitude.   You will feel better not because you had to do any of these things, but because you wanted to.  You just wanted to be there for and with someone else.  Whether in person, over the phone, email or snail mail staying in touch with persons who might otherwise be lonely is a marvelous means for exercising care.  That exercise is one which will benefit both of you, particularly your heart muscle, which is where most caring originates.

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