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Seniors Open to New Life

Already the new year is underway. In our second week now, routine is settling in.  Tasks and duties are taking on that old familiar feeling. It doesn’t even seem as if a major change has taken place.  We just slipped out of one year into another, literally overnight.

Now, here we are in that time when one year is being forgotten and another taken for granted.  At the end of last year, 2011, we said goodbye to several friends and a loved one within the course of a few days.  They will be spoken of next year with all the memories and joys we drew from them.

The very first day of the year was spent on an airplane and in airports.  We were grateful to arrive home safely.  Especially were we glad to be greeted by good friends.  And, of course, we were elated to walk in our door and to be met by our two favorite creatures in the world, our pets.

We have reinstated our times to be with Mom, that 92 year old wonder, who keeps us laughing and enjoying our times together.

Looking Ahead With Hope and Promise

Saw my physician yesterday.  He taught me the continuing lesson, again, of accommodating the illnesses, aches, pains and unexplained sensations that  visit a senior from time to time. Accommodate includes more exercise, and I’m committed to that this year.

Stopped by the grocery market and picked up a few essentials.  Life is back in its routine.  Ran into a couple of friends.  Was able to remember their names and they ours.  That’s always an encouraging sign.

So it goes.  The train is back on the track, running a little slower than it did last year at this time.  But the engine is responding and the days behind, like those before, stretch out with the promise of glorious opportunity.  Maybe there will be some remarkable surprises to occur that will make this year an extraordinary one. Maybe, if we work hard enough at it, it will be better than we deserve.  Maybe 2012 will reveal some challenges that we will still be able to meet and some rewards that will make most of our days delicious.

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