Seniors: Good Choice, Bad Choice

Nov 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Isn’t it about time to know the difference between Good Choices and Bad Choices and how we go about making them. In spite of of our tendencies to the contrary, at our age, we still are prone to make bad choices. Choices that affect our day to day existence are part of what makes up liviing, a big part.

This election campaign, now past and gratefully so, was one of those occasions when we were invited to make choices. We won’t know, for awhile, whether our choices were good or bad. The good news is, we will get another chance, but not for two years.

A good choice is defined as making up your mind, everytime you are faced with having to do so, based upon solid input, data, research, and serious consideration. Now, we don’t go through that process everytime we make a decision.

Perhaps, we don’t evaluate enough, the choices that influence our existence. Perhaps, we could give more weight to their importance and outcome.

A bad choice is usually one in which we don’t give enough credence to the implications and consequences of our decisions. We make a lot of throw away choices, only later to discover we might have given them more serious consideration.

It’s easy to look back and to realize choices made that made a huge difference in our lives then. We would like to have a “do over.” But do overs aren’t available. We have to live with the outcome, no matter what it is. Adjusting to our decisions requires flexibility, insight that doesn’t allow for regret, moving on with an “oh well” attitude.

To be guided by decisions and choices that are made off the cuff, without much thought, driven by sheer bias will likely create traps that make life miserable. Dispelling those perceptions which are rooted in prejudice, long held intolerance, bigotry will enable a filter to decisions and choice making that leaves you feeling better about yourself and the choices you made. Choosing to be against something, just because you always have been leaves little latitude in your attitude.

Look at your choices carefully, with the wisdom of experience and insight. Come out on the other side recognizing your growth and maturity. Focus on outcomes that will represent the best of your internal deliberations. Make choices you can live with.

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