Seniors: Getting Older and Smarter

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It is a matter of course, of course, to come to that moment when it is simply unbelievable that we are, in fact, getting older.  It is difficult, yea sometime impossible, to project myself as having been around for this many decades.  It is stunning to discover how old and handsome and mature my grandchildren are.  When did that happen? 

Suddenly, here we are coping with the evidences of advanced aging.  Our firends and acquaintances are all at the same place.  The wrinkles we have earned, the posture we have assumed, the gait which moves us forward all betray our age.  We are compelled to move more carefully, to remind ourselves to stand up straight, to keep a smile on our face to chase away those ugly wrinkles. 

Every morning, nowadays, I awaken with another pain or the same pain hurting in a different location.  I can hear the baby boomers now, who say that isn’t going to happen to me.   It will, my friend, it will.  Limitations become almost routine.  Fighting them off, holding them back, keeping them in their place becomes the daily battle regimen. 

But one does not have to be defeated by getting older and all that comes with it.  While getting older is one of life’s realities, getting smarter can be one of its benefits. 

Getting smarter is learning to think quicker.  Avoid the possibilities which contribute to age dysfunction.  Do not risk falling.  Do not give in to memory loss, sharpen your wits, enable your mind to keep up with what is going on around you.  Don’t think that you have to have an opinion on every subject.  And, please, don’t express it.  Be done with stubborn behavior, as if you have all the answers and know it.  Be careful to show patience, tolerance, acquiescence, and humility.  Don’t try to be boastful of past accomplishments, overlooking what others are achieving right now. 

Read voraciously, but don’t become a scholar who needs to show off what you have just read.  Let it work its way into conversation surreptitiously.  Require some calm and silence in your life.  Debate only when invited.  Complaining is a sure fire way to chase others away.  Being negative is a barrier difficult for others to climb. 

Practice grace and encourage it wherever you go, with whomever you are.  Listen.  Look.  Observe. Be creative in your contributions to all experiences, conversational, active, silent.

Demonstrating your getting smarter will not require a staged production.  It only requires the careful and conscious discipline of waking up everyday to the world that you know can be full and enjoyable and life giving.

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