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Joy is Who and Where You Are

If, by now, life is not filled with joy and satisfaction, there is something wrong with your formula. By now, post 70ish, most of us need to have reached a level of serenity and contentment that speaks well of the choices we have made. One of my cousins frequently says, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” He is pre 70, not retired, but definitely developing an attitude and point of view that is a joy for him, and to be around him.

Determining that your day to day existence can be happy and pleasant is a sure fire way to be in a frame of mind that allows for more good days than bad. Deciding that life is the result of working hard at developing relationships, keeping your cool, staying level and steady and enjoying your choices means the results will be full of a life of love, good fortune, companionships and friends that fill life with joy, respect for yourself and from others. You will discover that you have found a life formula that works for you. It is well worth it to invest yourself in being happy, in receiving affirmation from others, in giving out good vibes that stimulates the desire of others to associate with you. Living a good life is its own reward.

Create Satisfactions You Enjoy

When, in your senior years, you find that life has a plethora of fully enjoyable satisfactions, then you have done something right. People don’t always take the time to let you know how much they like you, but when they do, you know it. Living in a place where you have cultivated lots of acquaintances and even more friends means that reinforcement of your person will come with frequency.  Having such experiences to reinforce your feeling about yourself, about being alive simply multiplies your desire to work at enjoying who you are and how others perceive you.

Liking, even loving yourself is an okay thing.  It is okay to believe that you are a good person, if you truly are, and it is okay to share happiness and joy with others every time and every where.  It is good to be a person of joy and to revel in the benefits that brings.

And I am particularly joyful today to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary with my wife!  May you all have reason and cause for such celebrations!

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