Seniors: Finding Inspiration in the Midst of Pain

Jan 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Someone I love dearly is experiencing enormous emotional pain.  It can be heard in his voice, in his tone, in his mood, in his words.  It has gone on for a while now.  It is clearly deep and depressing.  It is a pain of loss and rejection.  It is among the more desperate of life’s experiences.

What can be done?  How can someone far distant offer support and caring? 

  • Communicate: offer words and time to listen and allow for ventilation.  Communication does not necessarily include words, but it can offer presence, silent “I am with you” presence.”
  • Rely on other people: Identify persons of sensitive character and presence;  persons with a well known reputation to offer a shoulder.
  • Seek out: environments where being yourself is permitted.
  • Practice: being calm and collected in the presence of others. Do not overdo the demand for sympathy and attention.
  • Offer: your own empathy for others going through their own form of despair.  Practice giving what you wish to receive.
  • Read: helpful books of inspiration.  The person alluded to in the first paragraph recommends Psalm 31.
  •  Find: a place and an atmosphere where Meditation can be practiced with regularity. 
  • If it is helpful, be sure reconciliation is sought in relationships where damage has been done.  Relieve your own burden by getting rid of that part that is too heavy to continue carrying.

At all intersections, look for ways to experience personal forgiveness.  It heals and mends and binds all wounds, because it is motivated by grace.

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