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Political Dissatisfaction for Seniors

The next eleven months are likely to produce more consternation than satisfaction.  Expecting a miracle is likely a vain endeavor.  America’s political and social climates have been reduced almost to ashes. The fury looms large, as it seeks to decimate those who are declared candidates.  One by one the lustre of their shine dulls and the promise of their leadership dims.  Can anyone withstand the furious anger and the dynamite charges to reputation and background?

While hope springs eternal and some are forever optimistic, some of that is fed by machinations and manipulations that would shame even the most naive. Can we expect anything good to emerge from so much that is bad?  If America is so committed to the principle of “In God we Trust,” who among those who claim God’s inspiration can be trusted?  Is there any demonstration of truth and integrity that can be unearthed?

This is not a good time for philosophers.  Neither is it a good time for those who would seek to create a balance and a sense of equanimity.  There is too much volatility in the air.  There is too much fanning the flames of discord.

Think for Ones-Self

Already the candidates have lined up those who will give their support.  Already there is an us/them syndrome that pits person against person, discourages reconciliation, despises compromise. Do miracles ever emerge from such environments?

At the risk of further dividing the electorate, one can find human beings who have run for the office of president, been elected or lost, who have stood for the principles of democracy in our republic.  however, pointing out who they are simply tempts the possibility of more degenerative name calling.

Perhaps the miracle will come in the awakening of a body politic who finally comes to see through the insinuations of those whose ambition is greater than their patriotism.  Perhaps it will come when persons will decide to choose for themselves rather than being pushed into a line that leads nowhere. Perhaps it will come when persons, whose frame of reference is based on a solid understanding of history and an appreciation and application of reason to it, will step up and be counted.

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