Seniors: Exercising Healthy Coupling

Sep 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Companionship is among the most critical of essentials for healthy living.  One of the slices that makes for healthy living is to strive for and develop a healthy coupling, if you are inclined to have a primary companion.

Healthy coupling, here defined, embraces the wide variety of relationships that are available in the human spectrum.  When two people have chosen one another for companionship, it is to their benefit to work on the most positive formula that can contribute to their faring well with each other.  The dimesnions of this “faring well” are numerous and constant. 

Among ways to enter into a healthy coupling arrangement is to commit to several basic assumptions:

*Respect shall be the rule of the partnership. 

*Honor the other’s need for space, quiet and privacy. 

*Developing an understanding and an appreciation for likes and dislikes.

*Spending quality time together around experiences of mutual interest, passion, desire, and recreation.

*Sharing in intellectual exercises of conversation, dialog, and exploring new ideas and concepts.

*Demonstrating sensitivity for each other in times of hurt, crisis, confusion, pain, heartache and loss.

*Being willing to compromise and work through differences outside a climate of tension and conflict.

*Delivering on promises, exercising thoughtfullness, keeping alive important dates and events in the realtionship.  

*Continuing to discover romance and sexual intimacy.

*Looking forward to excursions and times together. 

*Finally, any true and solid relationship is predicated on a lively sense of play, deep affection and lasting commitment.

My partner and I have been in a 35 year relationship.  It has been fraught, on occasion, with its hurts and conflicts. An overall inventory reveals, however, how wonderfully fulfilling it really has been and is.  We can recommend it, but must always caution that it only comes with sincere, earnest and intense determination to make it work. 

Best to all who work to make it happen.

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