Seniors: Everybody is Right: Exercise is Good for You

Oct 30th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Okay, I give up.  Everybody who recommends a regular exercise routine is right.  I can’t deny it any longer.  The body, nearing 71, must confess that walking regularly, preferably with the dogs in my case, doing a few stretching exercises every morning, finding some chores that give the body a challenge, these are habits that contribute to better health. 

As difficult as it is, particularly for those of us who never had a weight problem, or whose body seemed always in reasonably good shape, or who had never undergone a threatenting illness or disease, by now no protests inveigh. 

It is, to be sure,  much preferable to find a reason to sit before this glorious invention and converse with myself or others, or explore the universe, without taking a step, or to read about good health hints without having to do them.  Or, it is always delightful to read a book or watch a fascinating production or listen to music, which now you can do while walking or jogging. The purists  never give up.

But none of those activities allow for much change in physique.  They don’t improve my overall body demands, nor do they answer the weight matter that has become a concern. 

So, I confess, everybody is right.  But the damnable thing is no matter how many commericals I watch for exercise equipment, for weight loss strategies, for joining spas and gyms, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I am part of the school of instant gratification.  I have always wanted instant results, to see the accomplishment right away.  My idea of exercise has always been to engage in something outside that required lifting or mowing, or trimming or improving the lawn and its environs.  That’s why living on an acreage helped for so long.  However, the body, which lay dormant after surgery, is now out of shape for those opportunities.  And, as we all know, getting back into the groove is like eating Brussell Sprouts, may be good for you, but not too tempting.

Maybe my confession will nudge me along.  I am about to undertake some of those outdoor chores which may tickle my fancy enough that I continue not only to admit that everybody is right about exercise, but I may really do something about it.

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