Seniors: Enjoy Your Grandchildren While You Can

May 26th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This week, our grandson graduated from high school. It is a dramatic and amazing experience for grandparents. While we celebrate their accomplishments and life’s moving on, we are aware that there will be a lot of “no mores.” No more serendipities because they want be around. No more last minute going to the movies or checking out the mall. No more.

There will be some, but fewer. They are now on a different road, with more certain destinations and desires for getting there. They will continue to love us, but they will relate differently and with more maturity. Damn! Growing up has its pluses, but it is also a little sad.

Celebrate everything you can with your grandchildren, no matter how simple or innane. Just be there with them when the opportunity is offered. Prepare to put your own agendas out of the way and take up where they are ready to include you. If it is just to “hang out,” then hang out. If it is to go for a pizza, then go for a pizza. If it is to listen to their newest favorite song, listen to that song, hum it if you can, with them.

Ere long our third grandchild will walk the walk to receive her diploma. Then, not long after that our fourth and final one will do the same. Find an opportunity to be with them every chance you get. It is too soon all over. They will be on their way to the road of adulthood, college, employment, family, who knows? Celebrate with them in person or any way you can along the way. Life is short, but it is also good. Put together the ways that you can share as much of their lives as you can, while squeezing every bit of the good out of it as you can.

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