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Seniors Live for The Moment

For whatever reason, we are in the midst of an early spring.  Today’s spectacular greeting was accompanied by crisp air, flooding sunshine, glistening dew, shortening shadows all harbingers of a spring insisting on its way, like the daffodils,  to take on the new life that awaits it.

Staying inside seems a crime.  While beautiful to gaze upon, the outdoors beckons with signs of promise and an abundance of beauty, grace, and solemnity.  What a world!  Edna St. Vincent Millay put it like this:  “O World I cannot hold thee close enough.”

Isn’t it sometimes so utterly gratifying to awaken to a morning that holds the promise of a splendidly marvelous day? Isn’t it nice to have our attention captivated by a morning full of hints of what is to come as spring begins to open its windows to us?

No bad news.   No shouting invectives from politicians.  No blood and gore.  No horrific scenes of hostility and tragedy.  Just for a few moments, a chance to see the universe as a place for harmony and creative synergy.   Just a wisp of time when we can breathe deeply the air that makes our lungs rejoice with happiness.  And tomorrow holds forth the promise of more just like it.

Inspiration for Seniors

Not wishing to be blindly ignorant of our world’s disastrous upheavals, can we not just, for a brief respite, take in all that it offers on this one beautifully satisfying morning?   Stepping out our door, can we not, just for the quickest of moments, behold this marvelously creative presence of quiet and serenity and calm?

Would we be committing an unforgivable sin just to allow ourselves, only briefly, a quick appreciation of how this world could be and even sometimes, only too briefly, is?

Maybe these silent and simple gifts are more often out there than we allow ourselves to recognize. Maybe, it is time we spent more time being aware that the gifts of the universe are ever plentiful and always present. Maybe we just need to take the appropriate measures to take them in, to fill our beings with their wonder and to score the prize of recognizing how therapeutic and healthy such times are.

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