Seniors: Enhancing the Spirit of the Season

Dec 8th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Whatever makes the holidays special for you probably has a great deal to do with what has always contributed to its special lure.  Remembering those occasions that still today mark the holidays as something uniquely and romantically unusual keeps us coming back year after year for more.  Traveling long distances just to be in places and among people who have marked the occasion with a timely collection of aromas, sounds and recollections has always been what draws us. 

The season loses some of its lustre when we can’t be or aren’t with persons who created the spices that helped make the holiday of our past. Those persons today, hair grayer, faces with more character lines, eyes that still sparkle long ago instilled the magic of Christmas and all that makes it up.

Your own memories stirred in with more recent experiences blend together to give the season a lasting and alluring quality.  Remember the melodies, the decor, the fresh cut tree, the ornaments that were made as a child and still get hauled out year after year.  Recall the special stuff that got tucked here and there around the house.  Some of it, now almost as old as you are, were it not there would make Christmas seem less. 

In our collection of Christmas memorabilia are some ornaments from the 1940’s.  There aren’t more than a handful left, but they are protected as if their worth were greater than all the gifts under the tree.  Long ago we went from live to artificial trees.  So long as they are decorated with care and glisten with the joy they always have, it matters not a whole lot.  So long as they warm the room and the heart and add to the spiriit of it all, the tree is, after all, only a symbol anyway. 

For a long time, until they became too worn and frail to drape across the tree, were some garlands made by my Granny and me when Santa Claus was about her age.  Granny and the garlands have long been replaced by other meaningful components of Christmas.  Santa never has and never will. 

The season loses some of its sparkle when those who helped bring it to life for so long either aren’t around or can’t be.  That is why keeping memories, hanging on to symbols, resurrecting the idea every year is so important.  Losing any special sense of the spirit of the season is like losing a part of your self.  Christmas helps make and keep you whole.  It is the one holiday that re-instills the wonder of childhood.  It is that occasion when children and adults blend in an incomparable happiness .

Whatever else you do this season, do all you can to enhance the spirit of the holiday.  Find the old that helps make  it worthwhile.  Discover the new that gives it new sparkle.  Enhance the spirit that fills hearts and hands out joy and gives away the goodies of being alive.

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