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Olympic Behavior is Respectful

Have you noticed at the conclusion of each Olympic contest, there is an almost universal given when each of the contestants congratulate, embrace, affirm one another? The players in the games are courteous, thoughtful, reinforcing of one another.  They are, without doubt, ladies and gentlemen on the field of battle.  But there is no battle here.  They are simply out to prove their abilities, to demonstrate their hard work at preparation, to excel and achieve for the country they represent.

Beyond their abilities, they are persons of remarkable kindness and gentle support of one another.  They are teaching us all what it means to be able to compete, to win or lose, and to be gracious. If these are the leaders in other fields as they continue their journey, then we will be better for it.  All we need to do is to pick up on their courteous and genteel treatment of others.  All we need to do is behave like these competitors do on the field of contest.  All we need to do is to have the goal of “winning gold” in our performance, behavior, and attitude.

Seniors, Follow the Lead of the Olympians

It may come with the hard training and rigid disciplines they must follow in readying themselves for the trials.   It may come out of a sense of wanting to put one’s best foot forward when competing.  It may come because each country wants its best to demonstrate its best in what it does, how it plays the game, and how it appears to others in these undertakings.  Such, so far, and for the most part, has been the case throughout this year’s Olympiad. Sometimes there are slip ups.  Such can be expected in the human world.  For no matter how perfect these contestants are, they are still human.  On the other side of these games, their reputations will speak for them, when they have been as concerned about their public persona as their individual excellence in competing.

Perhaps, all of us would be well challenged to be so aware of our behaviors and thoughtfulness and support of others.  Perhaps, we may learn from the gentle touch, the uttered word of encouragement, the team spirit, the camaraderie of reinforcement that these players have so well demonstrated as they have taken the stage in their sport and left it with grace and honor.

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