Seniors: Employment May Not Be Best

Apr 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

While economic conditions, both personal and universal, may suggest the consideration of seeking employment, it may not be in your own or global self interest.  If your own financial circumstances drive the need to look at employment options, it is understandable that looking for ways to improve your situation would be on your list. 

However, there are issues beyond just looking for a job.  As you assess your own financial picture, do you really need to take a spot more urgently needed by somone who is supporting a young family?  While McDonalds is in a current hire of 50,000 persons, would it be wiser to encourage persons whose making a basic living would be enormously helpful to them?  Will going back to work affect your Social Security and other benefits?  Can you get along on your present income and financial package so that employment will be more of a pasttime than a requirement?

If your goal is to get out of the house, be productively engaged doing something for and with others, stimulate your brain to maintain your cognitive abilities, a good option is to look for volunteer work.  For example, SCJ Travel Editor, Jim Becker, writes his travel column daily, and volunteers at a local 501.c.3. tourist attraction and volunteers at a local hospital welcoming patients and visitors and will teach a 6-week course (volunteer) this summer for elementary and middle school students.  This is productive aging, dear friends!

When looked at from these perspectives, the primary driving force for seeking employment as a senior needs to be to supplement income for purposes of having an adequate income stream. If that is not your situation, then allowing for other persons to be ahead of you in line for employment may be the most generous gesture you can perform, and you are then free to go out and seek volunteer work that also benefits others.  What a win-win!

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