Seniors: Eliminating Unwanted Mail

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Living in a gated complex with our mail boxes located at the gate often means carrying along a bag to bring home the mail. The reason for that is the continuing unsolicited mail that comes daily. Even with the USPostal Service facing growing deficits, like everything and everybody else, they continue to give huge breaks to all kinds of advertising and unwanted pieces coming our way. They report that this is one of the ways that helps keep their bottom line a little further up from the bottom.

Sometime ago I decided it was up to me to take action against all the advertising pieces that ended up in my box. The reality hit hard when we were away on trips and we had to sort through all the junk that had been held for us.

It turned out to be a very simple process. Each piece of mail initially had to be examined and the determination made how to remove it. The Internet provided an easy means for attack. Anything with an email or web address received a solicitation from me requesting NO MORE JUNK MAIL TO MY ADDRESS. Usually, a reply would come in short order indicating compliance and that I would be receiving no more junk mail within a few weeks. Walla!

The second method is even more fun. When there is no Internet means for contacting the source, but there is an enclosed, stamped, self addressed envelope, I simply write across the materials, PLEASE SEND NO MORE SOLICITATIONS and they very shortly comply. In the meantime, they must pay the bill for my returning their junk, all of it.

The third and final method, least desired, is to dump it all in the trash bin. That does not really accomplish the goal. At least if you do this, the junk should go in the recycling container. If you continue to receive solicitations and find no way to reply by mail or Internet, you might try to identify a 1-800 number to call the company/organization to request they stop sending you solicitations.

The joy in all of this is the feeling one gets by standing up to someone unknown entity and being in charge. “NO MORE” speaks rather emphatically and gives you the sense that you have some control. Go for it!

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  6. […] Pests may invade the lives of senior citizens in the form of bugs and insects that cause unnecessary irritation in our homes, but other kinds of pests can also clog up our days. The first and obvious are those who invade our homes and gardens and outdoor sitting areas, creating interference with day to day life.  This one is fairly easy to address, requires some willingness to introduce pesticides in your home and around it.  Having done that or calling upon a professional grade and well recommended exterminator ordinarily takes care of the pests in this category.// Other pests include unsolicited phone calls, emails and junk mail. Not unlike the foregoing “exterminator,”  one usually has to exercise some assertive behavior.  Phone calls were supposed to be stopped, when they were “selling” or otherwise “disturbing” your serenity, by the introduction of the “Do Not Call” list.  Somehow this program seems to have lost some of its punch and solicitors are calling with renewed frequency and aggravation.  Emails, while irritable, are blessed with a delete button.  Junk Mail is another pest.  We have addressed this matter before on Senior Citizen Journal.  You may want to look this one up. […]

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