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Sell or Give Away?

Seniors have decisions to make when we consider downsizing and/or moving.  One big decision, and one of the top ten concerns of seniors, is how to get rid of what you don’t want to keep.  You have several options that fall under the rubric of giving it away or selling it.

Giving away your ‘stuff’ is the easy thing to do.  You just ask family and friends what they want of the items you are not planning to keep, and then give it to them.  Some even put give-aways on the curb in front of the house, and strangers come by and take what they want.

But if you’re going to sell some items, is there a ‘best’ way to do it?  SCJ has talked about this before, and we decided reviewing it might be a good idea.

Suggestions for Selling Your ‘Stuff’

  • Selling online in classified ad venues is one of the easiest ways to sell household items. Craigslist is one of the most popular, but there are others, including shopify, volusion, and wazala to name a few.  Each site provides intuitive instructions for how to sell items on their pages.
  • Online auctions are also an option. They are on sites like eBay, ubid and ebid.  On these sites, you register your item(s) for sale following the instructions provided.  You can follow the bidding as it progresses, and you are always notified if/when the item sells.  Online auctions are very popular, and seniors placing items for sale in an auction need to be comfortable with the winning price.  Some auctions allow you to place a reserve.  Check it out before you register.
  • Consignment remains a good plan for seniors who want to sell their household items when they downsize. Consignment works best when a store is available nearby in your community.  It generally takes longer than online selling, but you are more likely to get your price for whatever you are selling.  The consigning store takes it’s commission from the sale, so you don’t pocket it all.

AARP offers a good detailed description of scams and fraud you need to be aware of in online sales and auctions and consignment stores.  Take a look at their article before you decide how you are going to sell your stuff.

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