Seniors: Doing What You Can Before You Can’t

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Crowding in everything you want to get done, before limitations create handicaps that may disable your plans is not bad planning.  Time comes when those dreamed of excursions may be delayed too long.  Certain financial, especially now, physical, unpredictably, and numerous other interferences may create barricades to our being able to do those long hoped for vacations and other long desired activities.

As pointed out previously, with trips there are increasingly numbers of countries that have prohibitive warnings suggesting avoiding their shores.  Eliminating those and choosing among the safest will be a first requirement.

Staying up on your health issues, which could, if not well managed, contribute to discouraging your plans.  A well planned excursion can be ruined by a health consideration that cuts into your ability to enjoy the travel.

Planning and providing for adequate resourcing of your trip will be another matter of extreme importance now.  The value of the dollar will need to be evaluated carefully.

Aging brings with it its own possible deterrents for doing some of the things you want most to experience and enjoy while you can.  Taking extended hikes, leisurely walks and exploring intriguing sites are only possible when mobility is in good shape. Don’t miss out on doing things you might have done if you had done them sooner.

Be sure your physician gives you a thorough check up before launching off to some other land.  Have all your medications in ample supply.  If you require special appliances, etc., be sure you provide for them.  If you need a cane, don’t be shy using it.  However, if you are in a group travel experience, be sure you observe the warnings pertaining to difficulties you may have trouble managing.

If you wear contacts or glasses, be sure you take extras along.  If you need any OTC items, do not count on being able to get them wherever you go.  Preparation and anticipation are sure fire ways to avoid disappointment and discomfort.

Be sure you pack a small bag with necessities, in the event you are separated from your luggage.

These and countless other incidentals need to be taken into account before your journey.  While this may not be your last trip, you surely don’t want it to end up being your worst one.

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