Seniors: Does Flying Get You Up Only to Let You Down?

Oct 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

With increasing numbers of airlines looking for more and more ways to create discomfort for the flyer, the senior has to be on the look out for any methods which may eliminate hassle .  

Travel has long been one of the most sought after forms of pleasure for the senior.  Unless you are in a position to travel First or Business Class, you, like most of us,will undergo increasing inconvenience as we ready to board a plane.  New fees for everything from luggage to pillows have been attached to the traveler. The science of going through security, getting your seat and an overhead bin almost requires running a marathon.  If you are unfortunate enough to get a middle seat, good luck on the rest of the trip.  Delays and even unanticipated last minute cancellations have become as frequent as frequent flyers. 

Travel just isn’t what it used to be.  Sometimes a well seasoned traveler will have figured the odds and learned that beating the system, while a little like playing the lottery, can, on rare occasion be done.  There are secrets, but sharing those seem to be like trade secrets.  After all, the more who know them, the less your chances of an uneventful flight. 

Patience is the great and most useful trait as one dares to purchase a ticket.  From that moment on, with the exception of now only one airline, the ordeal begins. Getting up and down,with limited difficulty, is very much like challenging  the interstate in summers, when all the detours are ordinarily put in place.  

Learning to prepare your own disposition before getting to the airport is crtical to as calm a trip possible.  Expecting nothing, being prepared for anything is the rule of choice.

If you are a frequent flyer, take advantage of your status.  They like you, because you are a good customer, and sometimes are given special treats, if not treatment. 

Taking advantage of having a fourteen year old child with you for early seating is not the best way to win the admiration of your fellow travelers.  Pretending to need “extra time” is a bad choice of persons who look as if they could do a mile, in well under a minute, is another means for alienating seat companions and others.

Polite behavior, consideration of fellow travelers, being thoughtful with flight attendants and other staff will do more for creating a pleasant trip than almost anything else.  Rudeness, lack of consideration, boorishness, which we have all seen, can ruin a flight for everybody and possibly even get you dismissed early from the plane, hopefully while it is still on the ground.

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