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Effects of Hurricane Sandy

There are so many calls for our attention today that there is little to do but divide it among all the options.  The storm in the northeast surely is at the top of the list.  Our affection, concern, and support for those who have been separated from a comfortable home and hearth must be our first response. Those whose circumstances were grave before the devastation sped through neighborhoods and corridors of a giant city, will find life even tougher.  Small businesses will suffer the shock of having to find some way to rise again from the heap of debris and the horror of such damage and loss.  Folk who are on salaries will find their work possibly threatened.  Businesses of all kinds will go through a period of trying to rise from the mud and the waste left behind.

Meanwhile, we who watch from afar, will find ourselves more focused on the worst natural terror attack to occur in our homeland in centuries.  Putting an area so vast back together, finding means to do so, dealing with all the complications involved will test will and patience and endurance.  Those who can may offer their abilities and hands and other essentials. Others may watch and pray.  Still others will pick up their own routines and return to whatever normal is.

All of us will be affected by the consequences of these days. Those far and especially those near.  Our common bond will be called into play.  That which makes us a nation will be tested.  To be distracted by other demands and to use that as an excuse to turn our backs would be unfeeling and unfair.  We are joined together by events that tear at the fabric of our common lives.

Show Genuine Compassion

Politicians may try to resurrect some issue or another that may be designed to favor their position.  That is the behavior on which we should turn our backs.  Right now there is nothing more critical than for us as a nation to render our ability to show genuine compassion. Vote, if you can.  Reach out to others and lend them your heart and spirit.  Let them know that now, right now they and their needs are more important than anything else.

Continue your concern for the issues that will continue to be critical, but do so without forgetting how important it is to have a government that is equipped to be strong and to act in favor of its citizens, no matter their status or plight. Dividing our attention does not mean being indifferent, disinterested, or detached.  It means being there with strength and fervor to support one another, those who need it right now and those who may need it sooner than we think.

So be about your day.  If you can’t read us right now, we understand.  Come back when you can, hopefully to find reinforcement for what you will have done to be and do what you knew needed to be done.  Those are the choices of conscientious people who, when faced with serious need, divide their attention accordingly.

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