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Seniors Seek International Travel

Because it has been several years since taking an international trip, we have been evaluating, considering and shopping for one that appeals to our needs and interests.

Prompting this undertaking has been a barrage of circumstances that have overwhelmed our attention, energy and emotional frame of mind. Sometimes it is just time to change life’s agenda to favor yourself.  We have spent our lives caring for and attending to others.  That has been a professional and conscience choice.  It required huge helpings of emotional and physical energy and commitment.

So, now with Sharon having just celebrated her 70th birthday and our 38th wedding anniversary coming soon, experiencing an empty nest for sometime now, we are ready to permit ourselves a jaunt abroad.

Some of the essential reminders to keep in mind.

Departure, travel and return will all take place in the month of October.  Passports are in order.

Contact information to all appropriate individuals and others will have been provided.  Keep in mind that credit card companies need to be aware of your whereabouts.  All details at home need to be covered. For example, we have three canine rescues (our “boys”) who need care when we are not around.  Legal issues and contacts need to be shared with appropriate family members and others.

Check on weather conditions and pack accordingly.  Anticipate any matters that could/might happen which would require your having made necessary preparations.  Do not forget an extra pair of glasses, contact lens, etc.  Take ample supply of meds and supplements.  Keep luggage to bare minimum.

We will be writing about this over the next couple of months, and during our three-week holiday. So stay tuned!

Bon Voyage!

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