Seniors: Dealing with Distractions and Distortions

May 30th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Enabling yourself to avoid the influence of distractions and distortions means being alert enough to know what they are and to identify effective means for stamping them out of your own daily life.  Frankly, distractions and distortions are designed to keep us from being up to speed on the real issues and concerns which have major influence in our lives. If we are invested in keeping up with the innane and stupid, we will spend less of our time and attention knowing what is really going on.

The reason National Enquirer or other pulp magazines sell so well at the grocery check out is that it distracts you while waiting to pay your bill.  Perhaps, you will drop a copy in your cart, pick up some candy or gum or other assorted useless items, thus justifying why so much of that stuff is within easy reach, just before you are checked  out.

Whatever number of hours you spend watching television, you are likely to see, hear and be influenced by points of view that have little to no veracity, value or means for informing you with fact and truth.  Being led by those whose primary interest is to pollute the mind and infect the main stream with information (?) that simply extorts and creates deadly bias is to give yourself over to influences that are quite mean and bellittling.

The epidemic of ideas (?) which is generated to stimulate nothing more than delusion and illusion seem to have a way of being believed, because you saw it on tv or read it in the (a) paper. 

Surrendering your own ability to filter such garbage is giving over to those who have no interest in your welfare.  Instead, refuse its presence in your home, limit its exposure to others, invalidate its attempts to influence your world view.  You’re in charge.  Take Thou Authority!

Learning how to screen out the insidious and ill defined attempts to warp our own thinking and stunt our own decision making is a defense worthy of our energies.

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