Seniors: Dealing with Depression

Mar 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Because of the variety of dynamics which creep into the senior’s life, it is easy to be invaded by depression.  However, it needs to be said that seniors do not have an exclusive hold on depression.  Its signs, signals and symptoms show up in every age group.  They can be as severe and difficult to treat as is true with older persons.  Depression lurks in persons employed, unemployed, married, single, divorced, widowed, with or without children, with or without a significant physical illness.  It is both unpredictable and often requires both therapy and medication for treatment.  

One of the major pitfalls in dealing with depression is assuming that depression will just go away.  Some persons seem to operate as if they are in charge of their depression.  The numbers of persons dealing with it would be much less if that were true.  Much of depression is chemically induced.  It finds its home in the brain and nestles there feeding an individual’s despair.  Depression is fed by circumstances, chemical reactions in the brain that force the individual into a state of immobility and inability to change behaviors by attempting to will that change. 

It can be periodic, spasmodic, cyclical, seasonal and so on.  It can be prompted by forces both inside and outside the control of the individual.  It can tear down the best relationships.  It can destroy the most ambitious mind and will.  It can fight with you and others over its presence and persistent attacks. It can beat down kindness and empathy.  It can consume the energy it takes to head it off. It is your enemy and has no sympathy for your condition.

Being aware of its power and finding means for discouraging it before it completely discourages you becomes a continuing battle. It can be subtle or bold.  It can be as menacing as a germ making its way into your system. With all of that how is it possible for an ordinary human being to ward off its insidiousness?

Admit it has a hold on you.  Recognize that it must be met with all the weapons that can be brought to bear to beat it away.  Allow your own strengths to be reinforced by that of others assisting your knowledge and wherewithal to defeat it.

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