Seniors: Daily Routines and What They Say About Us

May 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Our daily routine reveals a lot about us. Confessing to some habits and behaviors that I really would like to change suggests dissatisfaction with how my life is structured. It is easy to get into a proverbial rut. It is difficult to extract yourself from that rut. Requiring evaluation and some heavy lifting, it means that you are ready to rearrange the furniture in your day to day living.

For example, most of us, as we age, seem to seek out comfort and more inactivity than activity. We gravitate to those things that are less demanding physically and requiring of less demand upon our bodies, even our minds, and often our spirits. We are satisfied to be not so much lazy as inert.

Our routines, therefore, are influenced by such lethargy. If one suffers from arthritic pain or difficulty in breathing, then all the more likely is the tendency¬†for indolence to take over. Giving in, however, is giving up. Routines, while influenced by physical condition, do not have to be dominated and determined by physical limitations altogether. Make a different choice. Instead of heading to a chair, slip on your most comfortable shoes and take the dog(s) for a walk. That bicycle, our son’s, that has been in the garage for years is, like your joints, screaming to be used. Get some WD40 on those chains and pump up the tires. Like you, it will have more fun on the road out front than propped up, inactive, in the garage.

When that enjoyment is over, and one must see activity as pleasure for it to do any good, move on to the next undertaking. Did you ever wonder about the birds in your area? Start finding out more about them. Listen to their birdsong. Seek out their habitats. Feed them. Refill their feeders. Carry along a pair of binoculars. Watch them as they flit about. We have a cardinal that is protecting a nest in a huge cypress tree. What a gift to our front yard. What a natural wonder.

Transplant, as long as the season is right, a few trees from one spot to the other. Add beauty to your environment. Take pride in your neighborhood. Pick up litter, as you walk along the roadway. Shame the less conscientious by example.

Sprinkle some seed in bare spots. Encourage the growth of colorful flowers, herbs and other delights for your enjoyment. Find ways to encourage the routine of your surroundings to change and take on more beauty and stunning presence.

Oh, it’s not all that difficult to change our routine, when we become alert to what our routine is and how it is working against us. Find ways for spirit and heart, body and soul to be encouraged to be fuller and richer and more satisfied with our days, our ways and our habits.

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