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Loss of Confidence, a Victim of Aging

Among the interferences that seem to accompany aging is the phenomenon of loss of confidence. It is rather like the winter flu or a very bad cold.  It comes upon you surreptitiously.  It resides longer than it is welcome.  It creates discomfort and fatigue.  It is unwelcome, but finds, somehow, a way to occupy your frame of mind.

There is about it the need to call upon some home remedy, a salve or balm or elixir to escort it away.  Just as it arrived uninvited, perhaps it can be removed just as suddenly.  However, it does have its tricks.   Occupying yourself with other thoughts, motivations and distractions may work.  It may take longer than you wish.  Cultivating confidence can be something like planting an early spring flower bed.  It may require some careful tending, some gentle nurturing.

Our confidence is something we come to depend on, take for granted.  It helps us get through those tough times.  It assists us in allowing our better selves to be in charge.  It comes through when we don’t feel as if we really can.

Self Confidence is Necessary for Us All

We seniors need our self confidence. It is a part of the strength of character and identity of personality that helps make us who we are and keep us comfortable in the presence of others and demonstrate our own personhood.  We seem less without it.  We know we are and can be more.  But this requires our being able to exert ourselves when we really wonder if we can.

Cultivating Confidence means that we may have to go through a few bad days to get back to the better nature we know is there. We may need to allow ourselves some quiet time to help hoist us over the huge boulders that seem in our way.  We may need to exercise in order to have the stamina to do what will be required.  We may even have to be prepared to ask for help.  That, alone, can be an indication of how serious our need is for cultivating confidence.

Trying to Escape the need to deal with cultivating confidence by burying our head in a pillow or the sand won’t do it.  Identifying contributors to a loss of confidence will offer some insight with just what is it that is troublesome.  Distracting yourself from too much focus on your own immediate frailty and weakness will contribute a possible lift.  Deciding that a few days of this, whatever this is, is enough and moving on with some energizing thoughts and mood alterations will contribute to a shift in how you feel, how you interact, how you behave around others.

Just as it can come, like that bad cold, it can also be excused.  Working on it by trying to face it head on, grab it, shake it and dismiss it may take more than you are immediately able to do, but finding a way to be forceful in overcoming a loss of confidence can be the very thing that indicates that you still have enough confidence to remain in charge.

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