Seniors: Cultivating and Nurturing Loving Relationships

Oct 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Maybe you think at your age that you know all there is to know about cultivating and nurturing loving relationships.  Maybe, but unlikely.  Maybe you have been in a relationship that you think you have perfected the particulars of keeping each other happy, of avoiding conflict, of enabling the best from and with each other.  Maybe, but not completely.  Maybe you have come to that mature moment in your life when tension has been conquered and disagreements have been quelled.  Maybe, but you may want to look again.

If you have accomplished even one of the above, you have earned lots of credit . And, what’s great is that you can move on to the next level with greater ease and likelihood of success.  Reviewing why you are together in a relationship is an important first step in determining how to keep tranquility and serenity a part of it.  Needing to be correct or right about most issues is a destructive influence within a relationship.  Learning to be able to back off, while observing one’s own behavior, is a very large plus in the process for arriving at a more stable, serene and workable interaction. 

Recycling stuff that you thought was good stuff and trying behaviors that haven’t worked in the past with others, or within your present context, likely won’t work in the future. It is not easy, in certain situations, to arrive at patterns which will keep the comfort level high most of the time.  It is easy, just like losing weight, when one discovers the formula for doing so, to exercise the discipline for achieving such.

Sometimes it gets scary when the relationship is so smooth and rocky roads so seldom that one wonders when will the next shoe drop or door slam.  It takes a while to develop the self confidence that helps one feel that this can be forever.  Most conflicts are preventable.  Many are downright unnecessary.  Sound judgment can prevail and cool heads can influence very healthy outcomes.

Here’s wishing you and your partner the best as you evaluate your day to day experiences, as you discover how to avoid the run ins that make for bad karma, as you see yourself clearly before imposing your vision of the other on the other.  Happy days and nights can be more numerous than  the alternative.

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