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Unexpected Changes Hit All Seniors

One of the givens of growing older is that adjustments and alterations and changes are constant. No matter what every day brings on.  No matter how we may try to model our lives, the unexpected still invades and insists upon its way.  Before turning 70, I expected to be able to continue to live a life style and behave much as I had pre-70.  Surprise, some of those alterations and adjustments and changes introduced themselves.  And they did so, so I thought, quite apart from any encouragement or invitation from me.

For those who have participated in life with a sense of its uninterrupted balance, the sudden introduction of change is a very formidable and persistent foe.  Adjusting to all the marvelous technological innovations is not so overwhelming.  Getting into the latest model vehicle with all its useful and wondrous gadgets, visiting an electronics store may slightly overwhelm us, but not so much as finding out that there are some things I don’t do quite so well as I once did. Ah, there’s the rub.

Change as a given is not a bad thing.  Although, having been involved in a variety of environments where some individuals resist change to the very last ounce of their being, other changes just do not respond to resistance at all.  Right now, many individuals who have passed the promised three score and 10 have done so with little to no major interruption in their lives.  Some, however, frequent the physician with more regularity than is required in having your car serviced.

Adjust and Adapt to Change in Senior Years

Adapting to change, particularly physical, requires allowing your psyche to make those adjustments that come with it.  It will come.  And it will persist.  And it will have its way.  Oh, sure for a time you may experience temporary inconvenience or slight change in abilities and presumptive workings of body and mind.  By and by, however those will come calling more regularly, stay longer, and press for more attention to them and their consequences.  Its like having a relative come for a visit and stays longer than expected.

The given is that change is a part of the make up for senior citizens, and while our make up may not be entirely equipped to accept its coming, it will come and stick around any way. After awhile, it is no longer experienced as just an inconvenient caller, but has made its home with you.  It is no longer just a change, it is a permanent resident.

There are many means for heading it off:  surgery is a favorite, all kinds of notions and salves and nostrums, specialists and clinics.  Some offer real and sincere effort in coping with the changes that you are experiencing.  Some admit, “there is really nothing that can be done.”

When met with the minor changes that come along, finding ways to meet them at your door early on is a useful means for coping.  Denial and refusal to give in may work for a time.  Trying to stay “at your best” with the tried and true counsel of a “good diet, regular exercise, annual checkups, and other recommended life style approaches,” may help in dealing with and defeating whatever major changes may attempt to share lodging in your otherwise very comfortable abode.

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