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Aug 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In 20 years I will have reached the threshold of the 90’s, assuming I survive the time between now and then.  I will be in the category where my mother and father in law now reside.  They are both in their 90’s and dealing with all the progressive satisfactions which have kept them going and quite adequately at their advanced ages.  What will the world be like for me/us then?  How will the dynamics of health issues affect those of us presumbably fortunate enough to be around?  What will be required of us to keep our own health habits working in our behalf?  How will the medical field have advanced?  What will be the take on cancer, heart problems, and other of the more serious maladies that strike us as we age? 

Beyond that what will the social and cultural fabric of the times be like?  Will we have made choices that help to create a more livable climate?  Will the economy be such that it contributes to more persons being gainfully employed?  Will the wars that continue to pump their costs into our body politic have been resolved?  How will education for the  young encourage more and better solutions for the vast issues we will be facing? Will there have been more natural and unnatural disasters that keep pummeling at our earth, making it increasingly difficult for our home to sustain all of us?

Twenty years from now.  What will it be like?  Will we have become more keenly astute about our own role in contributing to circumstances that change positively the world about us?  Will we have decided that cause and effect really is a principle that requires taking seriously? How will we look at the circumstances that have evolved internationally?  Will we be caught in a web of continuing intrigue in which more and more of the world ends up in poverty and loathsome despair? How will our children be coping with the way things are?  What about their children, now grown?  What will be the projection for them then of twenty years hence? These are not idle questions, unless one thinks that our inevitable fate is simply death and our role in the meantime is to just get by.  What will the world we see be like, either from our assisted living facility or our own domicile?  What will we wish had been done or celebrate what was done to keep sanity and serenity as available conditions in our world twenty years from now?

Twenty years from now starts today.  How fleetingly it will pass.  How quickly we will be hearing the evening news reporting exactly what is going on around us?  How soon will we be at that place we now can not even imagine?    Like our childhood and adolescence we will reflect on how rapidly those years passed and how soon we are caught in a time different and a place unawares.  Hopefully, the choices we collectively make will have contributed to a world that has seen improvements and changes and an evolution which gives hope and promise to the years beyond those 20 years from now.  Hopefully, we will have instilled in our young and in ourselves practices that give promise to a world fit for habitation.  Hopefully, the good news that we have wished and hoped for will meet us every morning.  Hopefully, we will be alert enough to comprehend that some of what we contributed made a difference.  Hopefully, 20 years from now we will hold hands unabashedly with our heirs and celebrate a world that we knew could be!

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