Seniors: Computers Aren’t Perfect; the Internet Isn’t Infallible

Sep 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The computer is a lovely companion.   However, like most, it is not perfect.  I was coaxing words out of it the other morning, had it up to 414 prosaic and eloquent words.  Then, suddenly, crash!  I was more than a little irritated.  It was an article dealing with pets, hobbies and social occasions.  It was the end of a five part series on health.  It was, if I may say so, not bad.  Suddenly the computer and I collided.  I did something I shouldn’t.  It did something I didn’t understand.  With just a bit more moxey I could have salvaged the outcome.  But, I hit the wrong buttons and the piece is now forever  gone. It is requiring of patience to deal with anything technological, particularly if you aren’t proficient in matters of complexity, logarithims, algebra, geometry, trig, and whatever other stuff , I never understood in high school, they have crammed into these increasingly small boxes.  

The Internet often is no real help.  Just when I thought the trouble was found, the problem solved, every last one of those  414 words completely left the face of the planet.  It is as if Johnson never heard nor included them in his dictionary.  I have a word.  It is very familiar.  In such cases it is quite appropriate: Damn!

So, here I am with four of the articles done for next week and one lost.  It brings frustration and some slight anger, neither of which do any good.  I will go about trying to recapture the theme, but the 414 words just won’t be the same.  This is the hazard of writing, the pitfall of trying to be at your creative best and then having it all dashed against the science of computers. 

I have learned to Save Draft, I hope.  Perhaps there is a fail safe way to avoid my own ignorance and to overcome my own errors and mistakes when typing.  If I have learned it, then you will be freed from the sound of a primal scream making its way through these fiberoptic serpents that sometime seem to have us in their sights, and not very kindly.

See you next time!

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