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Seniors Rescue Animals

We were returning from a trip to town, when in the driveway of our nearest neighbor, we spied a short, very filthy, hair heavily matted Lhasa Apso.  He was obviously lost or abandoned, very frightened and confused.  We swept him up, put him in our car and took him home, fleas and all. Because of the heavy rain and cold weather of the last few days, it was clear he was frightened, threatened and ready for rescue.

At home, with the help of a dear friend, he was soon bathed, some of his hair cut, and an appointment made for grooming.   Now Isaiah (Izzy), he is back at home this afternoon, quietly savoring the contentment of safety, a full water and food bowl and the attention of his new parents and his brother pets.  His matted coat is gone and a peaceful spirit has surfaced.  It was as if, when his heavy coat was finally gone, he was free to be himself–delightfully loving and receptive of all good things coming his way in our home.

Responsibility for Pet Care

There is no good reason, ever, for animals or human beings to undergo inhumane treatment.  Like us, they simply crave love, tender attention, sensitive caring and nourishment.   A nap is quite nice as well.

More and more the cause of pets is being hearalded.  Taking care of them or seeing that resources are available for them to be well tended are growing indicators that others share the desire for protecting and enriching the lives of little guys. There are rescue organizations available in every community, large and small.  One doesn’t have to ignore neglected and abused animals any longer.  They can be –literally– swept up in your arms and taken to a no-kill shelter or person who rescues vulnerable animals and places them in their ‘forever’ new homes.

We are looking for Izzy’s new forever home, if it is not with us.  If you encounter a stray dog or cat alongside a roadway, consider your responses.  Offer help or find someone who may not be so shy as you to come to their aid. The richness of caring is one of those acts that helps define us.

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