Seniors: Combinations That Work for Retirees

Apr 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Unlocking the body, soul and mind at 70 and more requires  intentionality and  flexibility.  There are several combinations that contribute to healthy day to day living.  Here are a few from my lock box:

*Decide you are going to be happy.  No matter what do not let bitterness, pessimism and despair have entry to your day to day living.

*Take walks with your dog(s).  People and dogs get along very nicely.  There is a pathway outside our window where masters walk their dogs every day.  Both get along well with the other.  There is never any conflict.  A good reason to have dogs and to walk them.

*Do a regimen of daily exercises that help loosen you up and give flexibility to your muscles, spine, and bones.  When your body is in better shape, so are you.

*Get along with your spouse and others who intersect with your daily life.  Enough said.

*Watch your diet and it will keep you happy.  You know what I’m talking about and what  you should surrender.

*Put together a reading regimen so that you are able to be conversational and quick in exchanges.  Don’t let your prejudices get the most or best of you.

*Listen.  Even if you are suffering hearing loss.  Work hard at listening.  It will avoid many miscommunications and  unintended misunderstandings.

*Get enough rest.  Don’t ever apologize for taking a nap.

*Keep your vision, teeth and other essential body parts in good condition. 

*If grouchy, spend the day alone.

*If you don’t want to do something today, put it off until you do.

These are just a few hints for retired persons who wonder what it takes to make the day seem worthwhile.  Try any or other than these and keep up the spirit.

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