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Choosing Retirement Locations

While it is colder this morning, it is not nearly so cold as it is  in other parts of the United States where we have lived.  We are among those seniors who have made the choice to  live in the southwest in retirement, where abundant sunshine, shirt sleeve weather, some still even in shorts, and a tolerable seven day a week climate greets us each morning.

Checking the temps in places like Chicago and Omaha and Des Moines, one is quick to conclude that a return to many of the endearing qualities of the midwest really is not a viable consideration.  Having lived in Omaha for 20 years, we found its many virtues to be delightful, enchanting and beguiling.  Weather, however, was not one of them.  That does not mean there aren’t  occasions when nostalgia takes charge and reminds us of the many good qualities of midwestern hospitality and generous friendships.

Wherever one lives there is always that nagging sense of wishing you could bundle up the best parts of all the places you have ever known and plop them down in one idyllic place and reside there forevermore.  Not to be.

Contentment With Living in the Moment

Our minds trick us into believing that wherever we are is not so wonderful as where we were. Its always easier to imagine that the “somewhere else” is more to our liking and fulfillment than where we are.  Such fantasies beguile us into believing that satisfaction is always one step removed from where we are.  Finding the joy in being where we are and finding reward in being who we are need not be a forever pursuit.  Concluding that the best of life is here and now is the prescription most of us seek, some find, a few illustrate how to live it.

Having had a relatively full life, discovering that it can still be is a peek into the adventures that are yet to be and can be. Sharing with your partner, identifying a reason to be, opening oneself to new adventures and blending your life with the present is the invitation for living right here, right now to its full.

So,  no matter the choices you may have made, no matter the life style you are living, no matter the might have beens, the wish you weres, here is where you are.  Investing in wishing it were somewhere else doesn’t place you a step closer to being there.  Finding that where you are is the best place you can be is the reward of having had enough of a satisfying life that you can mine the moment and be in it and be rich, rewarded, satisfied, relatively content and happy as a lark.  It is a choice.   It deserves your consideration first thing this morning no matter where you are.

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