Seniors Choose Standards to Live By

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Deciding to identify and then to practice living by a set of standards is an undertaking which feeds one’s conscience, ethical commitment, and contributes for being an all around wholesome human being.  Living for over 55 years or more  should earn something in the way of coming to that time when self identity includes having rounded out oneself as a wholesome person, clear and clean thinker.  Growing into the maturity of a person who has chosen to examine the qualities of adulthood that he/she wishes to be known by is no small task. 

Respectability is defined more by who you are  and how you behave than what neighborhood you live in.  When meeting a person for the first time, do you examine what they have on first or how they come across in behavior, presence, and decorum?  If it is the latter, then you are on the right track.  Finding ways to be a person of integrity means that you have chosen a course of living that will be admired, respected, emulated and honored.

It is something of an undertaking to be conscious of day to day behaviors that help others to perceive you as a person of trustworthiness, reliability, civil and courteous courtesy.  But it is you who projects those qualities and you alone.  If someone perceives you as in the category of persons who polish themselves and their personalities with care, grooming themselves inside as well as they do their appearance outside then you have achieved in part the qualities of being a good person.

We rush hither and thither as retired persons, keeping ourselves well occupied so that we do not grow bored.  But another of our involvements could and perhaps should well be our looking out after ourselves, the who of who we are. Smoothing out the rough edges, being sensitive to our presence and personality when alone or among others, schooling ourselves to be polite, courteous, thoughtful, kind, considerate.  If a testimony is given to you, what words would you like included in a description of how you come across?  Think about it.  Do persons perceive you as a person who practices behaviors that demonstrate quality and refinement?  Graciousness is not a bad description of people whom we come to appreciate.  A person of style is often someone who carries themselves well.  Fine tuning is an effort worthy of day to day practice.

So, as you begin today, perhaps an evaluation of your own standards might be in the offing.  Pruning those behaviors that are offensive and ill timed and placed may be worth taking on.  Coming to the moment when your daily goal is to be a person of well appointed conduct may well give your experience richer and more fulfilling moments of happy existence.

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